Activision Blizzard apparently unaware of employee strike

Activision Blizzard apparently unaware of employee strike

US publishing giant Activision Blizzard has said that it is not aware of any labour strikes or legal proceedings against the company.

That's according to a filing with the SEC – as spotted by Axios' Stephen Totilo – in which the Call of Duty giant says that there is no labour activity happening at the moment.

"To the knowledge of the company, there are no pending activities or proceedings of any labor union, trade union, works council or any similar labor organization to organize any employees of the company or any of its Subsidiaries with regard to their employment with the company or any of its subsidiaries," the filing said.

Strange, given that Raven Software employees have been striking since December, when a number of QA staff were laid off. What's stranger still is that the company has tried to discourage employees from joining a union, which suggests it is aware of some pending collective bargaining.  

Furthermore, Activision Blizzard says that it isn't aware of any legal proceedings it is facing, which is – again – strange, given that the firm is currently being sued by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the EEOC and shareholders. Oh, and it's also currently being investigated by the SEC.

"There are no legal proceedings pending or, to the knowledge of the company, threatened against the company or any of its subsidiaries or against any present or former officer or director of the company or any of its subsidiaries in such individual's capacity as such that would have a company material adverse effect," Activision Blizzard wrote.

This filing was made as part of the company being bought for a record $69 billion by Microsoft.

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