People Can Fly is going to be shaming Outriders cheaters

People Can Fly is going to be shaming Outriders cheaters

Developer People Can Fly is going to be branding those caught cheating in its upcoming shooter Outriders.

That's according to the studio - as spotted by PC Gamer - which has said on Steam that cheating will result in matchmaking penalties, but also a watermark on gameplay footage that makes clear what wretched scum you are. People Can Fly says that cheating is running the game without anti-cheat, modifying the game to make your character more powerful, or tweaking Outriders to reduce the amount of time it takes for something to happen. In addition, if you are using a "trainer program" to gain advantages or aimbots or wallhacks, you'll also be considered a cheater.

The studio has said that if people cheated during the demo period, they will have to wipe all of their progress and achievements in order to "wipe the slate clean."

A demo for Outriders has been played by some two million people, with roughly 200 players being caught cheating during this time, a 0.01 per cent rate.

"We can see you all. Yes, even the person who gave themself 600 Legendary Weapons," People Can Fly wrote.

"We trust that this percentage will not grow by much as we move through and beyond launch, but below are the steps we will take to ensure that legit players will not have their fun spoiled as a result of cheaters."

Outriders launches on April 1st.

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