My Time at Sandrock wishlisted 100k times on Steam

My Time at Sandrock wishlisted 100k times on Steam

My Time at Sandrock, the upcoming sequel to My Time at Portia, has already been placed on 100,000 different Steam wishlists, according to a press released from developer Pathea Games. 

It's only taken two months to hit that milestone, driven by a program of rewards. The more players add the game to their wishlist, the bigger the rewards by the time the game releases. The 100k reward involves adding facial make-up into the game. There are tiers all the way up to 250k wishlist additions. 

The game is set to launch in Steam Early Access in Spring 2021, with a full release across multiple platforms coming a year later in March 2022. It's set in a charming post-apocalyptic world where humans have got their act together and built a much nicer society.

My Time at Sandrock was funded through a Kickstarter campaign that hit its $100k goal in 19 hours and wrapped up with a total of more than half a million dollars.

Pathea Games was founded in 2012 in Chongqing, China, and believes that community input is an essential part of the future of interactive entertainment. 

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