It looks like Warner Brothers Interactive is no longer for sale

It looks like Warner Brothers Interactive is no longer for sale

A couple of months ago we reported on the potential sale of Warner Brothers Interactive. Now it looks like the entertainment giant's gaming arm is very much still part of the company's plans moving forwards.

An internal memo from CEO Jason Kilar, which has since been posted on the Warner Media press site, suggests that interactive entertainment is one of the key pillars that WB plans to focus on moving forwards.

The memo says that the gaming department, as well as a nuber of other sections of Warner's business will remain "focused on engaging fans with our brands and franchises through games and other interactive experiences."

Further details in the memo involve a focus on the HBO Max streaming service, as well as structural changes to help with efficiency in the company as a whole. Whether or not that will involve redundancies within the gaming arm remains to be seen. 

However, Kilar added the following in the memo - "Simplifying our approach and narrowing our focus goes beyond, for example, having one content organization vs two. It also means that we will be reducing the size of our teams, our layers, and our overall workforce. These reductions are not in any way a reflection of the quality of the people impacted nor their work. It is simply a function of the above changes I believe are necessary for WarnerMedia and our collective ability to best serve customers."

At the time of the mooted sale, the asking price for Warner Brothers Interactive was said to be in the $4bn range. A number of parties, including EA, Activision and Take-Two had apparently shown interest in purchasing the division.


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