Ubisoft partners with cloud gaming company Parsec

Ubisoft partners with cloud gaming company Parsec

Ubisoft has signed a multi-year partnership with cloud gaming provider Parsec. The two have partnered together in recent times, specifically during Ubisoft Forward last month.

There, Parsec's technolgy was used to stream Assassin's Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs Legion to the gaming media. More than 1000 journalists logged on over the course of a few days to experience what the games have to offer thanks to Parsec's tech.

According to a post on Parsec's blog announcing the deal "this new partnership will allow Ubisoft to create more experiences like that, embedding Parsec into their own products to deliver full fidelity experiences back to people wherever they are or however they’re playing. Parsec’s poised to help advance and compliment Ubisoft’s efforts in game streaming, across titles, brands, and products."

It's not clear whether the deal will involve consumer-facing products, or whether it'll be used solely for events like Ubisoft Forward. Parsec states in the blog that it will involve "embedding our tech to power in-game experiences, demos, events, and other projects."

With many other publishers looking into cloud services at the moment, this deal doesn't come as too much of a surprise. Whether we'll see Ubisoft launching its own take on the likes of Google's Stadia remains to be seen.


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