Developers can sign its games up for Steam Cloud Play

Developers can sign its games up for Steam Cloud Play

Developers are being granted Valve's new feature Steam Cloud Play.

As revealed in a new document, the new feature will enable Steam users to play their games through the streaming platform Nvidia GeForce Now. The hardware specialist has claimed games can only be played through its service if the companies behind them have agreed to it.

"Currently Nvidia GeForce Now is available in North America, Western Europe and Asia Pacific. Currently, Steam users will need to download the GeForce Now client and connect their Steam account to the GFN service to play their Steam Library," said Valve.

"The user may pay a subscription cost to use the GFN service. Customers will continue to acquire games on Steam the same way they do today, and partner payouts will remain the same."

However, there will be no changes in how players pay for games nor in how developers are paid because "Steam Cloud Play is simply giving Steam users more options on where and how to play their PC games. It is similar to how players play games from their Steam Library through the Steam Remote Play or on an additional computer.

Developers choose whether or not its game becomes part of Steam Cloud Play. However, Valve has informed creators that if their title does not have an online save system or Steam cloud-enabled "players of your game may lose their progress and saves when playing a game through a Steam Cloud Gaming service."

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