Blizzard's Brack insists that World of Warcraft is still social

Blizzard's Brack insists that World of Warcraft is still social

Blizzard president J.Allen Brack (pictured) has insisted that its MMO World of Warcraft is still a very social game.

As reported by PC Gamer, Brack has responded to the thoughts of Blizzard's former president and co-founder Mike Morhaime, who believed the MMO had become less social.

"World of Warcraft has been fortunate to be engineered as a very social experience, and that's as true today as the day we launched," said Brack.

"Over time, we've listened to feedback from the community, and the game has evolved to what we now call the 'modern game,' which has really expanded the breadth and the depth of gameplay, as well as making it easier to kind of find friends, group up, make progress, or play alone, all within the social environment."

Brack added: "The momentum we saw in March across both modes continues, with the active community growing faster than it ever has, and that's outside of an expansion launch period."

Last month, a fan server launched an in-game disease to teach users about the seriousness of the coronavirus. That same month, Blizzard confirmed that Xbox adaptive controller support would be added to World of Warcraft.

In a bid to keep players indoors and safe from the COVID-19 outbreak, the American company offered its users double XP between March and April.

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