Riot commits to dealing with Valorant toxicity after employee posts video of harassment

Riot commits to dealing with Valorant toxicity after employee posts video of harassment

Valorant maker Riot Games has said that it is going to try and handle the toxicity within that game's community after one of its own employees posted a video of her being harassed.

Taking to Twitter, League of Legends UX designer Riot Greenily uploaded a clip of her playing Valorant on a livestream and being harassed. In the video, a male player called her a "thot", told her to shut up and then called her "babe" after saying he was "looking for an egirl."

"It’s like this MOST of the time on solo queue voice comms REGARDLESS of the game I’m playing,” Greenily wrote on Twitter.

“I usually don’t give in to this like in the video; I’m silent in an attempt to not incite more. Inevitably you get to a point where you have to mute them.”

This isn't an isolated incident, either. Greenily said that this is what playing games online for her has been like since she started.

Valorant executive producer Anna Donlon has responded to the video, calling it "creepy as hell" and that she herself can't play solo, which is hardly a great indication about the game's community.

"I’m so sorry," she said.

"We’re absolutely looking into long-term solutions for making it safe to play Valorant—even solo queue.”

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