Unity launches Behind the Game podcast series

Unity launches Behind the Game podcast series

Engine firm Unity has launched its first-ever podcast, Behind the Game.

The series is part of the company's new Unite Now online initiative. Various creators that use Unity will be interviewed, all of which will debut on the Unite Portal exclusively. However, the podcast will become available on other platforms at a later date.

During these interviews, creators will share useful techniques and problem-solving skills that they have developed over time. The first episode features Phigames lead programmer and designer Phi Dinh, and he will discuss the development of Recompile.

Listeners will learn how the team discovered it was on to something big after a GIF that went viral. Dinh also explains why the team behind the music for No Man's Sky is making the UI for Recompile and not the soundtrack.

The designer discussed how the game's development changed from Unity 5 to Unity 2019. Furthermore, Dinh revealed why HDRP is excellent for lighting and not just for achieving realism. Perhaps the interesting point is why the developer wants players to break its game.

The engine maker first announced Unite Now earlier this month. Last month, Unity made its premium tutorial content free for the next three months to encourage people to stay indoors during the coronavirus outbreak.

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