Discord servers are back online

Discord servers are back online

Discord is back up and running after its servers went down despite a boost in capacity.

As announced on Twitter (below), users can connect to the communications platform again. The firm claimed the increase in traffic is the reason for the outage.

"Okay...looks like we're up and running again! The last few days we've seen a huge jump in traffic and our teams have been working around the clock to welcome all the newcomers," said Discord.

"Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work through this together."

Discord confirmed it had increased its features capacity by 20 per cent due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

"In light of Covid-19, we're temporarily upping the Go Live streaming and screen share limit from 10 to 50 people for the next few months," said Discord.

"We know a lot of you around the world are currently using Discord to keep in touch and perform daily tasks from keeping up with classes and working from home. We want to help make your world a little less stressful."

Last month, it cut back on non-essential features such as games library and launcher. In October 2019, Discord made multiple layoffs to its marketing team.

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