Valve wants users to revisit Steam reviews

Valve wants users to revisit Steam reviews

PC giant Valve appears to want consumers to give their game reviews a second look.

That's according to Reddit user PunnyCasual, who noticed a prompt asking them to revisit their assessment of Destiny 2. The reminder noted that they had played 93 hours of the game since leaving an initial review. 

Steam reviews have long been a sore topic for developers, with mobs of users often 'review bombing' games to show their displeasure over something. In the past, Firewatch was review bombed after developer Campo Santo issued a DMCS strike against YouTube giant Pewdiepie, while Playerunknown's Battlegrounds drew the ire of its Chinese audience back in 2017 for in-game adverts.

Valve's response to the situation was to introduce graphs to give an indication of the current sentiment for the game over time, rather than trying to combat users review bombing titles.

This new feature is likely part of the company's changes to Steam in recognition of the fact that games are now longer-lasting experiences that can become dramatically different time. We caught up with Steam designer Alden Kroll at Devcom 2019 to talk about the upcoming changes Valve is making to its storefront.

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