Report: 1,200 new games were in development by the French studios in 2019

Report: 1,200 new games were in development by the French studios in 2019

The French games industry had 1200 titles in the works, 63 per cent of which were new IPs.

As reported in the annual industry survey by the French Video Game Trade association (SNJV), 530 of the games are set to launch in 2019.

The survey was conducted on 1,131 companies, 50 per cent of which were developers, 42 per cent are service and technology providers, six per cent were publishers and two per cent are distributors.

Over half of the development studios are less than 5 years old at 54 per cent, and 19 per cent have been around for over 10 years.

Currently, the French games industry is male-dominated with only 14 per cent of employees in development studios being female and a further two per cent identify as non-binary. However, 15 per cent of management roles in the industry are held by women.

When it comes to jobs, 75 per cent of workers hold permanent contracts, 23 per cent have fixed-term contracts and the final two per cent are trainees. It’s estimated that an extra 800-to-1200 jobs will be created by the end of 2019, 550-to-850 are expected to be in games development.

In 2020, 57 per cent of companies in the French games industry will be hiring.

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