Nope, RuneScape maker Jagex still hasn't been sold

Nope, RuneScape maker Jagex still hasn't been sold

RuneScape maker Jagex has once more had to confirm it has not been sold by its Chinese overlords Shanghai Fukong.

Speaking to, the Cambridge, UK- based outfit said that it was still owned y the Chinese media company. This followed a post on Reddit which detailed regulatory filings from Shanghai Fukong, with Jagex apparently having been sold a new firm called Platinum Fortune. This, allegedly, is a new company owned by Shanghai Fukong.

In July of this year, there were rumours that Jagex had been sold. As the RuneScape company clarified at the time, Chinese financial rules mean that public companies have to declare literally everything that is being considered when they are in the process of being sold. So, as much as we hate to by relying on official announcements, it might be best to wait until Jagex or Shangai Fukong actually announce something rather than relying on Chinese regulatory filings.

"As referenced in June, Fukong's regulatory statements acknowledged that the company was looking to restructure its finances, and that resulted in announcements regarding the potential sale of Jagex," said director of communications Rich Eddy.

"While the situation continues to progress, Fukong's most recent statements advise the Chinese market that it has updated its financial information as negotiations continue. This is not a confirmation of a sale, which remains one of various possible outcomes."

News that Shanghai Fukong intended to sell all or part of its stake in Jagex broke in January of this year.

Interestingly, there has been a bit of a shakeup of directors in Jagex per Companies House in the UK, but it appears that Shanghai Fukong is still the dominant party.

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