Sony is publishing ReadySet Heroes on the Epic Games Store

Sony is publishing ReadySet Heroes on the Epic Games Store

ReadySet Heroes is the first game published by Sony to appear in the Epic Games Store.

Revealed by Epic on Twitter (below), Robot Entertainment's dungeon crawler is making its way to PC. It was initially announced at Sony’s State of Play in May for the PlayStation 4. The game is officially available for pre-order on the storefront.

Despite it being the first Sony published title appearing on the Fortnite Maker's store, Sony has backed games for PC in the past, such as the Planetside franchise.

Though ReadySet Heroes has a page on the Epic Games Store, it is yet to appear on Valve’s Steam store.

Future PC releases

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s chairman, Shawn Layden, revealed in a recent interview with Bloomberg that Sony-owned studios might develop multi-platform games, branching into PC in the future.

It is a tactic that Microsoft has used frequently in this generation. With titles such as Sea of Thieves and the upcoming Gears 5 being available on not only Xbox One but PC too.

“We must support the PlayStation platform - that is non-negotiable,” said Layden

“That said, you will see in the future some titles coming out of my collection of studios which may need to lean into a wider installed base.”


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