Valve launches new resource for marketing games on Steam

Valve launches new resource for marketing games on Steam

Steam developers can now access a resource for making the most of marketing on the platform.

A new Steamworks resource portal aims to give developers and publishers a comprehensive guide to draw attention to games in the run-up to release, as well as maintaining interest post-launch. 

With over 27,000 games on the platform as of January 2019, marketing has become more important than ever for making an impact on Steam.

Valve claims that, as Steam doesn't provide any kind of paid advertising, marketing for the platform can be a unique challenge. It stresses the importance of having a good store page, engaging communities pre-release, and other tricks that keep the store's algorithm interested in a game.

The hub is divided into four sections: pre-release marketing, release day marketing, ongoing marketing, and external tools.

"Steam works a bit differently than other stores in that we don't organise our store around paid ads," said Steam.

"In fact, we don't sell marketing space at all. Instead, the store is personalised for each player based on what they are playing. Any curated promotional visibility is the result of proven customer interest.

"This document talks about the tools and features you can use in Steam to build awareness and audience in the weeks and months leading up to release, get the most out of your buzz and excitement on release day, and how to keep players engaged long after release." 


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