Games companies need to work harder to attract female workers, Women in Games Jobs boss Isaaman says

Games companies need to work harder to attract female workers, Women in Games Jobs boss Isaaman says

The CEO of Women in Games Job Marie-Claire Isaaman has responded to the latest gender pay gap information that has been disclosed by UK companies.

Speaking to, the exec said that studios shouldn't blame a lack of female talent in the sector, saying that they need to work closer with educational institutions, as well as changing how they advertise for jobs and altering their working culture to help attract more women workers.

Under UK law, companies with more than 250 employees have to report on their gender pay gap every year. 2019 is the second time that this has been in effect, but the report is very out of date. Stats released by games firms last week are for April 5th, 2018.

But now that we have two sets of data, we can compare and spot movement in the sector. The median hourly wage gender pay gap has grown by 4.78 per cent year-on-year; for mean hourly wage, this figure is 4.04 per cent.

"The Gender Pay Gap reporting can help us diagnose the problem, and going forward with a commitment from all sides to improvement, they could also help provide a solution," Isaaman said.

"Some employers have said it's not their fault that there are too few women in the sector. In reality, studios do need to work more closely with the educational pipeline, target their job adverts and working culture as well as commit to working with third party, not for profit organisations, such as Women in Games who can provide invaluable expertise and specialist knowledge.

"Women in Games is committed to supporting and consulting with games companies of all scales, to help them address inequality. Alongside our highly successful individual Women in Games Ambassadors scheme we have recently redesigned our Women in Games Corporate Ambassador scheme, to enable us to collaborate with games studios in designing bespoke solutions helping them improve gender inequality and wider diversity and inclusion."

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