Deep Silver works frantically to avoid Metro Exodus’ Epic Games Store exclusivity fallout

Deep Silver works frantically to avoid Metro Exodus’ Epic Games Store exclusivity fallout

Deep Silver has issued a statement in the wake of increasing tensions regarding Metro Exodus’ Epic Store exclusivity.

The publisher came under fire from some fans in recent days after its upcoming title was made an Epic Store exclusive and unceremoniously removed from Steam.

After an extended review-bombing campaign on Steam aimed at the entire franchise, a developer at 4A decided to bite back.

"If all PC players announce a boycott of Metro, then the next Metro, if it does happen, is definitely not on the PC,” said an anonymous 4A developer under the handle Scynet, translated from

“It seems that people did not want to play, just waited for a reason to pour out their bile. That is, it turns out that we (the developers) for years have been hard and painful, with losses, trying to do something special, but a certain category of players believes that our work is not worth even a couple of minutes to install the launcher.

“Naturally, it is their life and their right, but then what do they care about the Metro?”

Yesterday, publisher Deep Silver took to Twitter to explain that this developer did not speak for it nor 4A Games. It added Metro Exodus won’t be the last game in the series and future entries won’t be leaving PC anytime soon.

Deep Silver said that it and Koch Media were responsible for the decision on store exclusivity, not 4A Games, and that enraged fans should not push their anger on a single, frustrated developer.

"The recent comments made by a member of the 4A Games development team do not reflect Deep Silver’s or 4A Games’ view on the future of the franchise," read the statement.

“They do reflect the hurt and disappointment of a passionate individual who has seen what was previously nothing but positive goodwill towards his work turn to controversy due to a business decision he had no control over.

“We respectfully ask that any and all valid feedback over this decision is directed at Koch Media / Deep Silver, and not the developers at 4A Games.”

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