Miniclip among the investors pushing Auroch Digital’s move into original IP

Date Type Companies involved Size
February 4th, 2019 investment Auroch Digital $0.2m
Miniclip among the investors pushing Auroch Digital’s move into original IP

Bristol-based indie developer Auroch Digital has raised a round of investment to develop new IP.

The bulk of the new funds come from the Bristol Private Equity Club, which put down $261,111 (£200,000) towards the board game adaptation specialist.

That backing is supplemented by a number of other investors - notably, Tencent-backed mobile publisher and online games portal Miniclip.

Funding from this round of investment will go towards Auroch’s push towards original IP.

Auroch has worked on titles for PC, mobile and console, as well as physical games. Its portfolio includes Mars Horizon, Achtung! Cthulhu Tactics and Dark Future Blood Red States. 

“What this investment allows us to do is take our creativity and development skills to the next level and invest in two new, totally original game ideas,” said Auroch design and production director Tomas Rawlings (pictured, main). “We've got huge ambitions for new titles and this investment boosts those ambitions.

“The newest IP we’re building up was backed by the UK Games Fund, which gave us a huge boost when we started talking to investors. Having Miniclip onboard is also a major vote of confidence in our ideas, the team and our plans for the future.”

Rawlings also raised hopes that this investment round could have trickle-down benefits for Bristol’s local development community, and added: “We're a co-founding company of the non-profit Bristol Games Hub, so this investment also helps boost opportunities for others in the space as we've been drawing on more local talent in delivering our ambitions.”

Rawlings spoke at Pocket Gamer Connects London last month on planning for the possibility of failure. Hopefully, this latest backing in his company will keep that possibility at a good distance for the time being.

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