Riot unveils new company values in the wake of a troubling 2018

Riot unveils new company values in the wake of a troubling 2018

Riot Games’ new company values mark another step away from the “bro” culture the firm was accused to fostering.

The League of Legends developer faced a troublesome end to 2018, as a widespread culture of toxicity and an overwhelmingly male workforce was unveiled by a number of former and current employees.

Riot vowed to take action to fix its workplace environment - but not before facing a class-action lawsuit over accusations of gender discrimination. Eventually, COO Scott Gelb would be suspended - not fired - following a workplace misconduct investigation.

All that said, it’s clear that Riot is in need of a bit of a shakeup. That starts this week, with the company replacing its old manifesto and re-asserting its new values on a new page on the company website.

“In 2012 we wrote our manifesto: a statement of who we believed we were as a young company still at the beginning of its journey,” said Riot Games in its statement. “It served us well for many years but didn’t evolve along with us. Today, we need values that represent who we want to be for our next chapter.

“We talked to more than 1,700 Rioters, asking them who we need to be to deliver on our promise to players. To make these values true, we promise to institutionalize these values throughout Riot, so they become a part of every Rioter’s daily reality.”

Riot explains that these values were first shared internally over a month ago and stress importance on diversity and inclusion, creating fair and equitable processes for enforcing any office incidents.

Time will tell if the message holds weight - from the sounds of things, Riot’s problems ran deep within the company, and it’ll take strong action to remember an excessively toxic working environment.

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