French PC streaming start-up Shadow isn't interested in selling to a triple-A firm at the moment

French PC streaming start-up Shadow isn't interested in selling to a triple-A firm at the moment

As more big games companies such as Microsoft and EA announce their interest in the streaming space, French start-up Shadow says that it isn't interested in selling.

Speaking to, founder and CEO Emmanuel Freund said that the company's tech was already miles ahead of the competition and remaining a smaller and independent start-up was an important part of developing its streaming offering.

"We've had some of those conversations and we are totally not interested in going down that route," he said.

"Honestly, we have the best tech by far right now. It's working like hell. We're one year ahead of other companies and even then they're focusing on games console and we are doing PC. We have so much to do and so much to invent and have fun with that it'd be silly to sell the company. We can bring and create much more by being independent than we could at a big company. We are much faster. Even if we get bigger, we're still a small startup with lots of people just dreaming of what we can do."

Freund said that the firm had already spoken to some pretty big companies, but Shadow had used these conversations to try and develop strategic partnerships instead. 

"We'll have a conversation with anyone," he said.

"We've already spoken to Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Ubisoft, Blizzard, Activision and Take-Two. We use those discussions to create partnerships because we need those. It's all good to say 'The world of games should change' and if it's someone else who does it, great, but we're doing our part and we'll change it also.

"These conversations are sometimes about being interested in our technology and whether they can acquire us. Sometimes, it's just to hear more about Shadow and how we can work together - that's in every discussion. We are trying to find out what we can do together."

Yesterday, Shadow announced Hive, a new community streaming platform, which lets users join each other's games, even take over their characters and share what they are up to. The firm has teamed up with Ubisoft in order to bring that publisher's Trackmania Stadium to Hive.

"In addition to combining the advantages of streaming and PC gaming, Shadow will create several opportunities for gaming and players in the future," Ubisoft Nadeo GM Florent Castelnérac said.

Keep your eyes peeled for more about what Shadow is up to when our interview with the French start-up goes live on Monday, December 3rd.

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