PC Connects London: your guide to the year when PC Games change forever

PC Connects London: your guide to the year when PC Games change forever

Everything you know is wrong - or at least it soon will be. In 2019, the PC games industry is going to change significantly and forever.

Valve’s dominance will face renewed challenges from multiple directions including established players like Origin, GOG and Green Man Gaming, plus new upstarts such as Discord, and Tencent’s WeGame coming west.

New variations on game streaming services will start to get traction, with Google adding their considerable weight to the trend started by Blade and featuring everything from AAA blockbusters with PlayStation Now and GeForce Now to indie fare from Jump.

Fellow tech giants Microsoft promise the advent of Netflix for games with new rental models. New technological innovations such as Improbable’s spatial OS will make it easier than ever to make bigger, more immersive games, whilst other technology such as blockchain will offer new ways to engage and involve users.

Investment and consolidation will continue so we’ll see more companies acquired like Jagex or floated like Team 17.

Meanwhile, the volume of games flooding the market will put ever more pressure on discovery, free-to-play models will continue to challenge upfront fees and demand more player time, marketing will continue to be a key challenge and channels will continue to evolve, while Asian markets will continue their march to dominance.

PC Connects London

On 21st and 22nd January 2019, PC Connects London will shine a light on all of these trends and more, explaining the realities of the current markets and offering developers and publishers essential strategies to survive and thrive in a turbulent market. Plus the continuation of IPOs, acquisitions and new splintered startups.

We’ll bring together representatives of key players from across the ecosystem – the marketplaces, the triple-A publishers, the indie developers, the tool makers and the analysts. We’ll have representatives from the biggest and best companies from all around the world.

500 delegates will hear from 50 speakers from the world of PC gaming as they deliver five conference tracks covering everything from getting your game to market to what the industry might look like in 2030.

As well as the vibrant indie showcase expo space, PC Connects London is also the setting for the first PC Indie Pitch of 2019, kicking off another hot year of competition around the world.

Mobile and blockchain too

Your ticket will also give you full access to Pocket Gamer Connects with all the benefits of insight from the mobile development ecosystem, as well as our first iteration of Blockchain Gamer Connects on UK soil, shining a light on another disruptive technology.

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