Discord’s latest terms of service will stop you going to court against the chat provider

Discord’s latest terms of service will stop you going to court against the chat provider

Discord’s new terms of service make it clear the communication company doesn’t want you to sue it.

Recently added "Dispute Resolution" and "Class Waiver" sections of the chat client’s terms of service state that any disputes with Discord will not go to court, and instead will be resolved through binding arbitration.

Users can opt-out of the Dispute Resolution section by emailing "[email protected]" within 30 days of the changes taking effect (October 23, 2018), or within 30 days of account creation.

Class-action lawsuits, meanwhile, are off the table entirely. There’s no opt-out here - Discord wants to avoid what it sees as an apparent increase in frivolous class-action lawsuits.

"I want to be clear that we're not doing this to dodge responsibility for anything," said a Discord rep, posting on Reddit.

"We believe in doing right by you, and we take feedback into account (see the recent Nitro Classic changes).

“The reason that there's an arbitration agreement in our Terms of Service is that there has been a continuously increasing raft of class actions and firms that look for companies that are susceptible to class actions.

“When class actions are successful, the lawyers get millions, and each user gets, on average... anywhere from ten cents to a couple dollars. Sometimes tens of dollars! Maybe a free rideshare (I don't remember this case, but I think I got one of these recently)."

Discord recently rolled out the beta version of its new games storefront

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