Runescape Mobile starts its Members-only beta today

Runescape Mobile starts its Members-only beta today

Runescape Mobile is now available in limited beta for subscribing members of the MMORPG.

That’s the headline announcement of many made during this weekend’s Runefest, an annual convention for Jagex’ venerable online game. While numbers weren’t shared, the developer claims this year’s event had its “biggest attendance ever.”

The Beta for Runescape Mobile follows a similar test of Old-School Runescape Mobile over this summer. Like before, participation requires an active members subscription to the PC MMORPG.

“We’re just three weeks away from bringing Old School RuneScape to mobile devices, which has already been incredibly well received by players,” said Jagex CEO Phil Mansell, in a statement.

“The announcement that RuneScape Mobile is also beginning its limited Members Beta from today, and will open to more members over the coming weeks and months, means that both our communities will soon enjoy their adventures through Gielinor while on the move.”

Runefest also hosted the premiere of orchestral music performance Runescape Live, courtesy of The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra.

Alongside the Mobile Beta announcement, a number of changes are coming to both Runescape and it’s Old School companion. The former will receive its first new World Event since 2016, alongside a rework to smithing and mining systems.

Old School Runescape will potentially see the addition of a major new city, Prifddinas, through its new content polling system. Players will also be polled on the expansion of an Old School-exclusive continent.

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