Microsoft's Spencer: "We're reworking how we think of the PC audience"

Microsoft's Spencer: "We're reworking how we think of the PC audience"

Microsoft head of games Phil Spencer has admitted that the company's work in the PC games space hasn't always been the best it could be.

In an on-stage interview at E3 Coliseum with Xbox head of programming Tina Summerford, the exec said that it was looking at how it approached PC gamers.

Additionally, Spencer said that its progress on the PC side of the business had slowed down as the company was doing this -and that it was trying to be more reflective of the PC games market.

Microsoft has made progress in this sector - with its Universal Windows Platform, most first-party Xbox titles make their way to PC. Additionally, titles in Xbox Game Pass - sometimes - come to Windows 10, as well. That storefront still has its issues, but if Spencer is to be believed, the whole experience will be improving over time. 

“Our early work in Windows and Xbox Live stuff for Windows was well-intentioned, but anybody who was a PC gamer saw this kind of imposter console work coming over,” Spencer said.

“You could see some of the people there in our early efforts there were console to PC, rather than respecting the PC audience and the things they were looking for.”

“You’ve probably seen us slow down on some of the progress we’ve made on some of our apps because we’re reworking how we’re thinking about the PC audience to try to be more reflective of the PC community that’s out there and instead of trying to pull people into the things that come from the console space and try to get PC gamers comfortable with that - meet PC gamers where they are.”

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