Here is some of the talent you can meet at Big Indie Fest @ ReVersed

Here is some of the talent you can meet at Big Indie Fest @ ReVersed

New for 2018, Vienna’s four-day Big Indie Fest @ ReVersed will unite more than 100 of the best indie game developers from central and southern Europe with publishers, service providers, media and other games industry professionals - as well as 4,000 members of the general public.

Whether you’re looking for industry contacts, investment or direct user feedback, you should join us in the heart of Austria’s capital city this July 5th-8th.

ReVersed Director, Tom De Roeck handpicks just some of the amazing talent and the games they will be showing at the event:

1) Seeds Of Sol

Seeds Of Sol is the work of Graz studio Rarebyte, an eight-strong team of artists and programmers. The game is an isometric action adventure game with roguelike elements. Being developed live on Twitch, it features a distinctive low-poly art style, procedurally generated 3D environments, permadeath and a zero-to-hero player progression model.

2) Goliath VR

Goliath VR is a two-player cooperative VR game, where one controls tiny David via a joypad, and the other a massive Goliath in VR. Goliath can use his body to help David cross abysses or reach higher platforms, while protecting him as he collects coins and keys that lead both players to freedom.

Goliath VR won the Best Concept award at last year’s ReVersed.

3) Blood Will Be Spilled

This game goes back to the very first Radius Vienna in 2015 - before the event evolved into ReVersed - and it’s come so far since.

Blood will be Spilled is a narrative spaghetti western 2D hand-drawn action platformer with turn-based combat, taking place in a harsh world inhabited by insects.

You follow the story of Jack, a mosquito gunslinger, on his path of revenge. But soon he finds himself neck-deep in the vicious scheme that is more than he bargained for. Back from the dead, heavily outgunned and outnumbered, Jack will need not only the help from a few rather unusual allies, but also his unique set of skills and abilities to even the odds. And most of all, shallow graves for all those who would stand in his way.

Blood will be Spilled comes from Slovakia’s Doublequote Studio, a four-person team that started working together in April 2014.

4) My Child Lebensborn

This game about raising a child that has lived through trauma has received multiple awards and deservedly so - it’s both brilliant and gut-wrenching.

The story-driven nurture game sees players help the child of an enemy in a post-war society and asks some difficult questions: What happens when the war ends? Does hatred just go away? My Child Lebensborn combines genre and theme in a unique way.

The game has been developed in partnership between Norway’s Teknopilot and Sarepta Studio. Teknopilot was founded in 2011 and is co-located with Hamar Game Collective. The studio has since then delivered film, game and digital media productions for a range of clients.

Founded in 2010, Sarepta Studio is an independent video game development studio also based in Hamar. The team is currently in development of Thalassa, a psychological thriller mystery game for console, PC and VR.

5) Spinnortality

Spinnortality is a cyberpunk strategy and management game where you run a giant, evil megacorporation. Players take on the role of the CEO of a global company in an unsettling cyberpunk near-future.

The game is the work of just one person, James Patton. Other than some music and a handful of assets, the Vienna-based developer has created the game in his spare time.

The game was funded by a successful Kickstarter, with 812 backers pledging €14,082 to help bring this project to life. Available as a demo now, Spinnortality has a tentative release date of Q3 2018.

6) Vintage Story

Vintage Story is a game about innovation and exploration. It thrusts the player into a carefully-generated semi-autonomous world and challenges them to survive and overcome the natural and unknown threats of their new home. It aims to reach the next level of quality in the voxel sandbox genre.

Vintage Story originally started as a Minecraft mod, but gamer couple, Saraty and Tyron, grew frustrated with its API. So they set about creating a custom, cross-platform game engine written in C# and OpenGL in 2016. The studio has since grown from its Vienna roots to an international team of seven.

The game is currently in early access.

The exhibition and conference is open to trade visitors only, on Thursday 5th and Friday 6th, giving delegates the chance to meet these talented teams and find out more about their work in a professional context entirely dedicated to the indie games industry. Book now!

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