Codemasters: Digital has given games stability, which is why now's a good time to IPO

Codemasters: Digital has given games stability, which is why now's a good time to IPO

Codemasters is the latest in a string of British game makers to go public, and digital distribution is responsible.

That's according to Codemasters CEO Frank Sagnier, who - speaking to - claims that digital distribution has given the games market stability. This, he says, has given investors the confidence to be interested in the industry. Historically, this has not been the case.

"The industry has changed," Sagnier said.

"It's not like it used to be where things were very hit and miss. Digital is ensuring a prosperity and predictability for revenue that we didn't have before. We can manage games companies now like you can manage other companies that are less cyclical.

"You always depend on the quality of your game, but if you look at the companies that are doing well now, they've all got franchises that make money for many, many years. It's no longer about one-hit wonders... The stability is more reassuring for investors - there's predictability and there's growth."

He continued: "One of the things we've seen, particularly in the UK market is a stronger understanding of what the games industry can bring, not just in terms of the money itself but also in terms of profile and jobs. It's an industry the UK is doing very well in, and there have been a few UK companies that have floated recently and are doing very well. So it's a good time to go [public]."

Reports of Codemasters emerged back in December 2017, before the firm was valued at $371m and went public.

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