Kickstarter video games secured $17m in funding in 2017, flat year-on-year

Kickstarter video games secured $17m in funding in 2017, flat year-on-year

The amount of money raised by video game crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter remained flat last year, with these projects bringing in $17.25m.

That's according to Kickstarter data provided to Polygon. The site reports that the average amount raised by video game projects was in fact higher, $48,184 compared to 2016's $45,360. This, of course, is a considerable drop from the average $110,962 raised in 2015.

The number of successful video game projects dropped slightly, however. 388 made the cut in 2016, with just 358 making their funding deadline last year.

Before we start seeing more 'Kickstarter is dead' op-eds, it's worth remembering that the crowdfunding platform operates in a very cyclical manner. Back in 2012, a number of big titles were funded, and by 2014, critics were saying the platform was no longer a good way of funding titles.

Then comes 2015, which saw the frankly ridiculous successes of games like Yooka-Laylee and Shenmue 3.

There's no doubt that Kickstarter will prove to be a great source of raising money again in the next year or so.

Video games aren't the headline news of Kickstarter's data, with tabletop gaming being where the real money is at on the crowdfunding platform right now. 2017 saw $137.77m raised for these projects; a huge increase on 2016's $101.2m.

You can find out more about the state of video game crowdfunding at PC Connects with our talk from Ico Partners' chief Thomas Bidaux.

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