Gamers can now use Amazon Alexa to control Destiny 2

Gamers can now use Amazon Alexa to control Destiny 2

In a move that we're confident no-one was demanding, publisher Activision and developer Bungie have revealed Amazon Alexa integration into Destiny 2.

The duo has announced that the voice commanded home assistant can be used in Destiny 2 Ghost Skill, which sees consumers able to control their in-game assistant Ghost with voice commands.

Players can ask the flying robot - voice by Nolan North - to do various things in the game, as well as check which of their friends are online to... what they should do next.

That's not all either; as of December 19th, gamers will be able to buy a limited edition Destiny 2 Ghost and Echo Dot speaker bundle.

“The Ghost serves as your guide and companion in Destiny 2 the game, and now players will be able to bring that experience into the real world with them through Alexa,” Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg said.

“The Destiny 2 Ghost skill is the first of its kind and the most innovative and immersive gaming experience to date on Alexa. We’re excited to give our community of players, who are among the most-dedicated fans in the world, new ways to play Destiny 2 with the Ghost skill and Limited-Edition Destiny 2 Ghost. The lines between in-game and out-of-game have been blurred in an incredible new way."

VP at Amazon Alexa Steve Rabuchin added: “Alexa is now part of the Destiny 2 experience, and we’re excited for what that means for Destiny 2 players and the future of games and voice technology.

“Gaming is an example of where voice can create a more engaging experience in a natural and delightful way for customers. Rather than interrupting gameplay to navigate menus, players can just ask Ghost through Alexa to help with certain tasks. Players love the Destiny 2 experience, and now Alexa can make it even more immersive and fun.”

Meanwhile, the chief exec at Bungie, Pete Parsons, said: “Destiny 2 players being able to interact with a physical Ghost paired with an Amazon Alexa is just a really fun and unique idea. With our partners at Activision, it’s been exciting to develop this project into a rich, useful skill worthy of Amazon’s Alexa.”

Here is a video explaining everything: 

Destiny 2 launched on PC at the start of October and contributed to a year-on-year boost in the PC digital games market. Developer Bungie yesterday responded to criticisms the title had faced, including the studio effectively throttling XP progression the faster they played the game.

This isn't the first time Amazon's home assistant has been integrated into a video game. Last year, Jagex rolled out a RuneScape audio adventure that made use of the gadget. 

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