Google wants StarCraft II players to help test DeepMind AI

Google wants StarCraft II players to help test DeepMind AI

Tech giant Google has been using Blizzard’s RTS StarCraft II to train its DeepMind AI for some time, but now it is opening it up to the public.

The project sees Google partnering with StarCraft II publisher and developer Blizzard, and can be found here

The Deepmind update includes a Machine Learning API, made by Blizzard itself, as well as a dataset of game replays. Right now there are 65,000 of these, with DeepMind saying that this will grow to 500,000 in the coming weeks.

AI and machine learning firm DeepMind was founded in 2010 and acquired in 2014 by Google.

Google and Blizzard originally announced their partnership to test DeepMind with StarCraft in November 2016. That followed DeepMind making headlines that year for beating a human at complex Chinese game GO as part of the AlphaGo programme. 

StarCraft II is seen as a logical step on from GO due to its high levels of player input as well as strategical complexity.

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