Friday the 13th has sold 1.8m copies

Friday the 13th has sold 1.8m copies

Two months after launch, Gun Media has revealed that Friday the 13th has sold 1.8m units – but it has not been an easy road. 

Speaking to, the title’s co-creator Wes Keltner said that the game’s release has been something of a learning experience for the team as they simply were not ready for the number of players that were going to pick the game up.

"This entire project has been a huge learning experience for both Gun and Illfonic. We will be the first to admit that we weren't ready for the huge influx of players that hit us day one,” Keltner said.

"We looked at our player numbers from the beta, along with pre-orders and then added a 30% cushion. That's how we set up our servers and database for launch. We were so wrong. 100,000 players hit us in the first 20 minutes, and our servers melted. Our first weekend was chaos.

"The entire team slept at their desks trying to keep up with demand. It's an experience I'll never forget. With our small budget, we couldn't afford a large scale QA effort. We did a PC beta, and gleaned a lot of great data from that. But again, we weren't ready for the tidal wave of players."

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