Minecraft introduces IAPs to pay content creators in new marketplace

Minecraft introduces IAPs to pay content creators in new marketplace

Mojang is introducing new in-app purchases to its premium game Minecraft: Pocket Edition as it launches its Minecraft Marketplace for community-generated content.

Set to launch some time in spring, the new marketplace will allow members of the community to create and sell content directly to players in the game. Free content can still be manually installed if the player so desires.

Only partnered creators can release content on the marketplace however, and they must have a registered business in order to be considered. Submissions to sell on the marketplace are already open.

Money for money

Players will be able buy content through Minecraft Coins, which can be bought in packs as an IAP. Prices start at $1.99 for a small pack of coins, according to early artwork for the update.

Content creators will be able to set their own prices on the store, and will receive a "majority" of the revenue generated. Platform holders will still take 30% of revenue, while Mojang has not shared how much of a cut it will take.

Despite being a premium game in a largely free-to-play world, Minecraft continues to be a huge success. It has now surpassed 122 million sales across all platforms, including PC and console.


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