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Microsoft wants to court gamers with its Intellimouse re-release

Microsoft wants to court gamers with its Intellimouse re-release

In 1996, Microsoft introduced the IntelliMouse range. That original mouse design was the first to feature the scrolling wheel - something that now features prominently on most mice.

This range concluded in 2006 with the launch of the IntelliMouse 3.0, but now Microsoft is bringing it with its IntelliMouse Classic re-release. We speak to UK category lead Mark Rowland to find out more.

Why bring back the IntelliMouse?

We are bringing the IntelliMouse back for our fans. The Classic IntelliMouse shares the same iconic design and form as the Intellimouse Explorer 3.0, a firm favourite with gamers from the early noughties, but with improved with the latest tracking technology.

Who would you say this product for?

Primarily for PC gamers who prefer an iconic, classic design, secondary for creators who need high accuracy for creating in computer-aided design.

We know gamers loved the original and keeping that same look and feel, while updating it with modern technology is something we feel gamers who were fond of the original will love in the updated version

What kind of a marketing push is this getting?

We’ve created a Rube Goldberg style video (below) for our fans to celebrate the launch. The video references many classic PC gaming moments, including Age of Empires, LAN gaming, Minesweeper and Sea of Thieves.

The original idea [for the trailer] was derived from the infamous board game, Mouse Trap. The complexity and ambition behind the commercial was incredible. On the day we shot over 78 takes, and got two perfect run-throughs, in one shot over the day.

What kind of impact do you feel the original Intellimouse had on the PC market?

The original IntelliMouse introduced the scroll wheel, a simple yet effective solution that changed the way people used the internet, making navigation more fluid and intuitive.

We know the original IntelliMouse was popular with many gamers when it came out and we’re really proud of the contribution and impact it had on the gaming industry. If you compare almost any modern gaming mouse you’ll see they have the same ergonomic DNA and form as the IntelliMouse 3.0 and being able to bring back the iconic mouse for our fans is something we’re really excited about.

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