Editor's Choice: Five talks you have to check out at PC Connects London 2019

Editor's Choice: Five talks you have to check out at PC Connects London 2019

This year's Pocket Gamer Connects London is the largest that Steel Media has ever put on, rammed full of the biggest and brightest names from not just the mobile games space, but PC and blockchain, too.

With such variety of speakers across the six tracks at the conference, you're probably scratching your head wondering what the must-see talks at The Brewery are. Well has put together its list of the six sessions you have to attend as part of PC Connects London 2019.

1. Max Pears, CD Projekt RED
Understanding Your Level
January 21st, 14:00

Having flown in fresh from Poland's Krakow, the CD Projekt RED level designer will be sharing what he has learnt in his time at the Cyberpunk and Witcher studio, as well as working on The Division, about how to make players more aware of the space they are exploring

2. Nick Beliaeff, Jagex
My Business Model Is Wrong! What Does Right Look Like?
January 21st, 11:00

Jagex's recently-hired SVP of Game Development Nick Beliaeff will be discussing different business models for online games and how best to work with a title's community.

3. Ian Livingstone
Pixels & Pounds – Investing in Video Games
January 21st, 9:40

Industry legend Ian Livingstone discusses what investors are looking for, What games companies should do to attract investors, and what they should action to protect their interests.

4. Simon Usiskin, SpiritAI
Eats Shoots And Leaves – The Future Of Online Community Management Means Context Is King
January 22nd, 10:20

With the ever-changing nature and increasing subtlety of online abuse, how can progressive games developers and community managers keep pace with the trolls, fraudsters and bots? As traditional methods of moderation struggle to stay on top of the challenge, what can AI bring to the table? And, can new technologies like AI really help us ensure our online communities are fit, profitable and future-ready?

5. PANEL - The Store Discussion
January 21st, 12:20

This panel will be looking at the landscape for buying and selling games in 2019. Steam is clearly not working for everyone and there are a variety of other platforms that are popping up such as Epic Games' new platform, Kartridge from Kartridge and the blockchain-powered Robot Cache and so on. Essentially, keeping developers and publishers aware of their options in this changing scenery.

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