Here's what's on The PC Revolution track at PC Connects London 2019

Here's what's on The PC Revolution track at PC Connects London 2019

The final track at PC Connects London 2019 is The PC Revolution, which is taking place on the morning of January 22nd, 2019.

This is the headline event for the show and will be taking a look at the future of the PC games space, examining the impact of new technologies, markets and trends that will shape the sector in the coming years.

This is something we have already been covering via our PC Revolution editorial content, but you can hear more about these themes live at PC Connects London 2019 on January 21st and 22nd.

PC Has Historically Been At The Forefront Of Innovation In Gaming – What’s Next?
Jelle Kooistra, Newzoo

PC has always been one of the most innovative game platforms, pushing the medium forward time and time again. Due to PC’s open nature, its large pool of developers, and its sheer abundance of development tools, the platform has been a catalyst for countless innovations: mods, indie games, and even entire genres. In 2018, PC’s innovative nature was taken to a whole new level, thanks to the meteoric rise of the battle royale genre. What began as a spin-off of the popular shooter genre has now taken center stage in the gaming ecosystem. And thanks to Fortnite—now a household name—the genre has broken through into mainstream conversation. What’s more, esports is attracting enormous new audiences and is constantly experimenting with new monetisation models, especially in the wake of its now-abundant investments. But one thing’s for sure: there’s plenty more innovation to come for both esports and gaming. So, what’s next? And what does this mean for you?

Eats Shoots And Leaves – The Future Of Online Community Management Means Context Is King
Simon Usiskin, SpiritAI

With the ever-changing nature and increasing subtlety of online abuse, how can progressive games developers and community managers keep pace with the trolls, fraudsters and bots? As traditional methods of moderation struggle to stay on top of the challenge, what can AI bring to the table? And, can new technologies like AI really help us ensure our online communities are fit, profitable and future-ready?

What’s Next For The Gaming Industry – The Era Of Cross-Platform Gameplay And Esports
Taewon Yun, Super Evil Megacorp

New cross-platform strategy encompassing mobile, PC and console and how we plan to bring about platform agnostic esports, which we believe will pioneer new era for esports future.

Robot Cache Business Overview
Philippe Erwin, Robot Cache

Robot Cache is the world’s first videogame marketplace for PC gamers built on the blockchain. For game creators, we share in only five per cent of the transactions so you can keep more profit to reinvest in making more great games. For gamers, it’s the first time ever that digital games can be resold. In addition, you have the opportunity to earn free games when you turn on mining with one click of a button. We are committed to changing distribution to be more fair, transparent and secure.

Endless Frontiers – Building A Future In The Cloud
Michael Gunadi, HadeanThe London-based cloud tech start-up will be discussing the impact of this new technology on the PC games market. 

The Future of PC Marketing
James Binns, Network N

Media veteran James Binns will be sharing his thoughts on what is how marketing in the PC games sector has changed and how developers and publishers can push their wares in the future.

PANEL - What's Next For PC Gaming?
Bruce Grove, Polystream
Michael Gunadi, Hadean
James Hursthouse, Greenstone Partners

Right now there is a plethora of technology that is set to change the PC games market forever. We will be speaking to some of the players on the event horizon to see what the future of PC is going to look like.

PANEL The China Opportunity
Daniel Ahmad, Niko Partners
Cassia Curran, Jagex
Jim Ying, CV Capital
Mo Fadl, Riot games

For much of its lifetime, the global games market has largely been centered on the Western European and American markets but there are a variety of regions that are going to become increasingly important in the near future. In particular, China has become an absolute powerhouse and massive opportunity for Western companies.

This panel will be looking at how companies can best take advantage of this massively important market.

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