Helldivers 2 maker wants to slow down update pace

Helldivers 2 maker wants to slow down update pace

The developer of Helldivers 2, Arrowhead Game Studios, has said that it wants to have a slightly slower pace when it comes to updates.

PC Gamer reports that studio community manager Twinbeard posted in the game's Discord that the next update for the PvE shooter would take slightly longer than always. Furthermore, Arrowhead might be moving to a slower pace for updates in the future, too, admitting that things have been moving far too quickly as is. 

"We want to take some more time for this one and potentially between future patches since we feel cadence has probably been a bit too high to be able to maintain the quality standard we want and you deserve," Twinbeard wrote on the Helldivers 2 Discord.

"Patching a lot can easily disrupt work flow and takes more resources than you might think; it needs planning, implementing, monitoring, possible tweaking in hotfixes etc. For this one we prefer to stretch it out a little, hopefully with a good result."

In another message, Twinbeard added, when asked what the update pace might look like: "I'd say it's something we have to try out and get a feel for. [At the moment] we feel a slightly lower cadence overall will benefit both us, you, and the game."

Helldivers 2 launched in February to critical and commercial acclaim.

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