Valve says it doesn't know enough about NFTs to include them in CS2

Valve says it doesn't know enough about NFTs to include them in CS2

PC games giant Valve says that it "doesn't know enough" about non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to implement them in Counter-Strike 2.

In an interview with PC Gamer, the title's development team said that they wanted to focus on things that its audience cared about rather than focusing on new tech like NFTs. The team said that they wanted to move all Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's items into the new game to keep fans happy.

"From the start of development we knew that CS2 would ultimately replace CS:GO and we wanted to ensure that players could keep as many of their CS:GO skills and items as possible," Counter-Strike 2's development team said.

"So, early into the process we started the work to support all of the CS:GO weapons, stickers, agents, and music in CS2.

"There were non-trivial challenges in getting older items to fit into the look and feel of the new game, but the feature was something we knew would be very important to players. For us, bringing the items forward is just the customer-centered way to bridge between a game and its successor. Sometimes people talk about NFTs in the context of Counter-Strike items, but to be honest we don't know enough about NFTs to weigh in on that conversation. We just try to make the best decisions we can about the things our players care about."

Valve launched Counter-Strike 2 in September of this year. The company said it wouldn't allow blockchain games or NFTs on Steam back in 2021

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