Gloria Victis studio Black Eye Games is shutting down

Gloria Victis studio Black Eye Games is shutting down

Polish developer Black Eye Games is closing down.

In a post on Steam, the company said that it was having to do so mostly due to financial reasons. Black Eye says that it will be shutting down as a studio in the near future, while the servers for MMO Gloria Victis will be switched off on October 31st. 

"Running this project for so long against all odds was an extremely fruitful and memorable adventure. But also an exhausting one, especially for such a small team like ours – and our families who never ceased supporting us on this journey, which in the end required being active 24/7 by parts of our team," the developer wrote.

"It was an extremely challenging undertaking from the very beginning, as we started this project without any budget or investor. Even with all the support we received, pushing it further and further required a lot of courage, focusing at maintaining the game day and night for more than 10 years and making tough decisions.

"But nothing can last forever, and after thinking it through for countless times, we have to make the toughest decision ever.

"Mostly due to financial reasons, as our game has always been a niche which we found extremely hard to expand without losing the game’s identity, and required more and more resources to progress and keep the pace, and due to continuous work without required rest for so long which eventually led to burnouts, we won't be able to provide required maintenance on the game much longer."

Black Eye was founded back in 2012. Gloria Victis in 2016, coming to Steam earlier this year.

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