Learn insider tips to skyrocket your business at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki! The full conference schedule is now LIVE!

Learn insider tips to skyrocket your business at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki! The full conference schedule is now LIVE!

Our biggest conference in Helsinki yet is almost here, and it’s time to start making plans for it! Don’t miss seeing our official Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki conference schedule – it’s now live on our website, and you won’t want to miss seeing everything we have in store for you come September 27th to 28th.

Our grand return to the spiritual home of mobile gaming is happening sooner than you think. Over 1,200 games professionals from all over the world are descending upon Helsinki for two days full of insights-sharing and networking, and it’s going to be our biggest conference in the city yet! More than 200 of the games industry’s biggest thought leaders are leading the conversations on the hottest topics facing the industry across 21 diverse topic tracks, including the incredible Blockchain Games NEXT Summit entirely dedicated to exploring gaming’s new frontiers as it relates to blockchain, web3 technology, the metaverse, NFTs and so much more.

Now that you know a little bit more about everything happening at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki, you won’t want to miss getting in on all the conference action as soon as you can. This is going to be our biggest, most value-packed conference in Helsinki yet, so head over to our website to take advantage of our unmissable Midterm offer while it’s still available! Secure your ticket for up to £150 if you act before prices rise.

Get a closer look at all the topics we’re covering in Helsinki below!

Jam-packed conference tracks

For our Helsinki iteration of Pocket Gamer Connects, we’re bringing back some of our conference classics you know and love as well as some more brand new content exploring the hottest industry trends in Finland and beyond! Don’t miss on hearing everything about how to make the most of your in-game advertisements, how you can up your UA tactics and in-depth, actionable advice from experts to maximise revenue from your game. Get a peek at everything we have lined up for you in Helsinki this September!

Ad Insights
In-game ads remain central to many studios' monetisation strategy - join us to discover the latest trends and advice
ASO Insights (sponsored by AppTweak)
There's an art to getting your game ready for the app stores. Whether it's Google or Apple or others, our experts will help you give it the best start.
CFO Insider (sponsored by Pollen VC)
Learn from the best with practical advice on creating financial security and success for your business
Finest Finland (sponsored by Fingersoft)
Facts, figures and insight into the latest & hottest industry trends from Finland and beyond
Global Trends
From East to West: facts, figures and insight into the latest industry trends from all over the globe
The Growth Track (sponsored by Bango)
Essential insight into user acquisition, retention techniques, and how to grow your game
Industry Visions & Values
How to build a better games industry and aspire to a more a more positive future for everyone
Live Ops Landscape
A track dedicated to explaining and improving your approach to live ops, the core of the modern games world
Mastering Multiplayer (sponsored by Photon)
Multiplayer games dominate the charts - but what tips, technology and secret sauce can help you compete!
Market Monetiser (sponsored by Adverty)
Gain in-depth, detailed and actionable insights from experts when it comes to in-game advertising and learn how to maximise revenue from your game.
Show Me the Money
Get practical insight on securing the funding that will make a difference
The Art of Publishing
Publishing is core to the games business: we explore how best to work with publishers to get your game to market
The Developer Toolkit
Everything a growing developer needs: essential, practical advice about all aspects of making games.
UA Update (sponsored by Pangle)
Discover practical advice to navigate legislation and app stores to optimise your user acquisition
Marketing Mavens
Discover the latest tips and techniques from the personalities and agencies that are changing the media world.

Track Overview for Blockchain Games NEXT Summit

Discover the tracks under our Blockchain Games NEXT Summit, exclusively at Pocket Gamer Connects Helsinki. As part of PG Connects Helsinki, we’re running a two-day summit focusing on the next wave of web3 games technology including blockchain games, NFTs and the metaverse. Blockchain, NFT, web3 and the metaverse are undeniably the hottest topics in the gaming space right now and the Blockchain Games Next Summit is designed to provide a space to explore the potential scale of the market and the best way to implement these technologies.

Mapping the Metaverse
The future starts here! Discover the cutting edge of communication and entertainment in this overview of developments in the immersive space. We map the frontiers and reveal essential jumping on points.
Mastering the Pivot
Master the art of bringing your game to new platforms, learn to optimise your development process and growing your company to new spaces
NFT Know-how
Non-fungible tokens: how unique digital assets are changing the way people play today
Surfing the Web 3.0
The next frontier of game development! Find out who's shaking up the market and reinventing the way we play games today
Building on Blockchain
An introduction to what blockchain means for any developer - with insights into the technology and how crypto works with games
Game Innovators
From indies to triple AAA studios, innovation is everywhere. Find out who's shaking up the market and bringing a fresh perspective to gaming.

Cutting-edge content
There is no place like a PG Connects conference to get the most high-value, current insights about games. Our full schedule is shaping up to be a jam-packed, all-star insights-sharing extravaganza, and you’re not going to want to miss out on any bit of the content our brilliant speakers are sharing. Below, we’re highlighting just a handful of sessions that you absolutely won’t want to miss in Helsinki:

  • Learn all about Casual 2.0 and how you can optimise your chances of making a top-grossing casual game with Riley Andersen of Umami Games
  • Discover how you can seize the trends in emerging markets from Maria Andriyenko of Pangle.
  • We’re discussing user acquisition in the Chinese Android market with Mikael Leinonen of MyGamez – don’t miss it!
  • How has building games changed with Web3? Discover all the newest insights from Jan Gemrich of GAMEE.
  • How do we maintain authenticity with virtual personas? Don’t miss joining Eliza Jappinen of Visible Realms for this deep-dive discussion.

Book your tickets now!
Don’t miss the chance to see all the conference action go down live, it’s going to be an unmissable two days in Helsinki. Hear from our world-class speakers and connect with all the biggest names in the mobile gaming industry. You can still take advantage of our limited time Mid-Term sale, head over to our website now and act fast to save up to £150 on your ticket

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