Avalanche, DICE, Ubisoft and Epic vets found new developer Elemental Games

Avalanche, DICE, Ubisoft and Epic vets found new developer Elemental Games

Veterans of Avalanche Studios, DICE, Ubisoft and Epic Games have founded a brand new developer called Elemental Games.

The new venture, based in Stockholm, Sweden, will be working on high-quality open-world experiences. Founding members include Linus, Viktor and Oskar Blomberg,  as well as Kristofer Labedzki and Robert Krupa. 

"We will continue to evolve systemic gameplay and the open-world genre, using all the knowledge we gained from Just Cause, Mad Max, Rage2 and other Avalanche games," co-founder and CTO Linus Blomberg (pictured) said.

"Our years in the triple-A games industry have been rewarding and given us much experience, but it has also been frustrating at times. Large companies are often constrained in their ability to break the mold, due to investors' focus on short-term financial goals. In that environment it's challenging to do explorative development and to be innovative, as well as to advance the medium in areas such as gender stereotypes and romanticisation of violence."

He continues: "Our ambition is to bring together the best of both AAA and Indie development, by having a team with extensive blockbuster experience, but driven by their personal passion for the craft, and with complete creative and financial independence. "We've seen in the past how technology, art and design are often in conflict rather than elevating each other. So we are creating an environment where none of these disciplines dictates to the others, where we use our experience and craftsmanship in a truly collaborative way so that opportunities open up that we wouldn't even have considered in isolation."

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