NetEase takes over Eve Online publisher role in China

NetEase takes over Eve Online publisher role in China

Chinese games firm NetEase has taken over as the local publisher CCP's Eve Online.

In a post on the developer's website, CCP said that the sci-fi MMO has been authorised for release in China under NetEase. Eve has been out in China since 2006, with CCP partnering up with local firm Tiancity.

In August 2018, CCP revealed that it was ending this relationship in favour of a new one with NetEase. The relaunch is set to happen "soon" with an open beta taking place before its release.

“We are very happy to start the next chapter of our journey with EVE Online in China,” CCP CEO Hilmar Pétursson said.

“It started when we visited ChinaJoy in 2005, showing our game to Chinese gamers for the first time. Since the initial release of EVE Online in China in May 2006 we have been energized by the passion and dedication that Chinese players have shown, inspiring us to embrace all the great developments we have seen both in Chinese science-fiction and Chinese science reality.”

"While China is the biggest nation in the world and Iceland is one of the smallest nations in the world, we have met kindreds spirits and made friends throughout our decades together. It's with great pride and honour that, together with our friends at NetEase, we bring our spaceship adventure game to the biggest gaming market in the world - the best version of EVE Online we have ever delivered."

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