Oculus teams up with Unity for a free VR games development course

Oculus teams up with Unity for a free VR games development course

Unity has partnered up with Oculus for a VR games development programme.

The new course is already available on Unity, it is titled “Design, Develop and Deploy for VR” and is free - to aid developers in creating a new virtual reality project.

However, the course is aimed at developers already familiar with Unity - some experience with VR is also recommended before taking on the programme.

“In this comprehensive course from Oculus and Unity, you’ll learn how to build an immersive VR game step by step,” said Unity

“Designed for people who have an intermediate knowledge of Unity, the goal of this course is to teach you how to design, develop, and deploy a VR application.

“You’ll learn an extensive range of principles and best practices: from locomotion and hand presence, to optimization and testing, to user interaction and go-to-market strategy.

Unity continued: “Coached along the way by experts from Oculus and Unity, you'll build a vertical slice of an escape room game throughout the course.

“While the course is geared towards developing for the Oculus Rift, the principles covered also apply to the Oculus Quest, and you’ll learn to avoid some common pitfalls we see developers experience when submitting their application to the Oculus Store.

“Take your VR skills to the next level with this deep dive into the principles of VR development.”

The course is intended for VR development of the Rift S platform, but the fundamentals given can apply to Oculus Quest.

Earlier this year, Oculus Rift over took HTC Vive as the most popular platform for VR developers.

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