India and Africa are the next big opportunities after Asia, Take-Two's Zelnick says

India and Africa are the next big opportunities after Asia, Take-Two's Zelnick says

The CEO of publishing giant Take-Two Strauss Zelnick has said that India and Africa will be big opportunities for the company in the long term.

Speaking at Take-Two's annual shareholders meeting, Zelnick said that the company is looking to build up its business worldwide. He said that Asia is a huge opportunity right now, but in the future India and Africa could be a focus.

"Our strategy is to build up our international business and we think there are great opportunities," Zelnick said.

"The biggest opportunities we see are in Asia, and then, over a longer period of time, probably in India and in Africa. We aren't really penetrated as an economic matter in India and in Africa and we're only penetrated in a small way in the Middle East. There's a great deal of opportunity in those parts of the world."

China has been a focus for Take-Two in recent years, as it has been for many games publishers. The company operates the region-exclusive NBA 2K Online, which boasts 46m users. Speaking to Bloomberg at E3 2019, Zelnick said that he was hoping for a positive resolution to the US's trade war with China.

Asked about the UK's exit from the EU, Zelnick said that Take-Two's British operations - which includes Edinburgh-based Grand Theft Auto maker Rockstar North - have already seen the impact of Brexit when trying to hire from abroad. He also said that while he doesn't think there is going to be a hard Brexit, leaving the EU is "not a good thing for the UK."

"We have begun to see some effects of Brexit in terms of recruiting people to work in England. We have a big operation in Scotland and a significant operation in England," Zelnick told shareholders.

"We definitely have had concerns on the part of our employees, but so far it hasn't had any kind of detrimental impact. It's very hard to know. I don't think we are going to see a hard Brexit, at the risk of being a little bit political, and it is complicated to have a negotiated Brexit because it requires a lot of multilateral trade agreements. But I suspect that's probably what's going to happen. Over time, I'm not sure it'll be that big a deal but as an economic matter, Brexit is not a good thing for the UK and it will probably be somewhat complicated for us. I don't think it will really matter, but it could matter a little bit."

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