The Sims developer Maxis is working on a brand new IP

The Sims developer Maxis is working on a brand new IP

The Sims developer Maxis is working on a new IP for the first time in over 10 years.

According to the job listing - as reported by PCGamer - Electronic Arts is seeking a new creative director for the developer, to work in its Austin studio, focusing on a new IP.

Maxis is looking for an individual who understands how user-generated content and experiences are shaping products in the industry. The developer also desires experience in designing long-term live service games.

“Maxis is seeking an experienced Creative Director to drive the creative vision of future products developed in our Austin studio. You will lead, foster and mentor an experienced team of developers working on a new IP, crafting the vision and leading the execution of a compelling, innovative and immersive experience,” said Electronic Arts in its job ad.

“Your strong mix of creative and leadership experience in PC products, mobile titles and live service allows you to inspire the team, provide and communicate vision, drive innovation and create incredible experiences for our players. You should possess a deep understanding of the new trends driving player expectations and engagement.”

The most recent IP released by the SimCity creator was life-simulation strategy game Spore in 2008.

Several EA-owned studios operate in Austin, Texas. However, this is the first project Maxis will be working on outside its main studio in California.

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