Frontier's Braben says developers shouldn't read too much into industry negativity

Frontier's Braben says developers shouldn't read too much into industry negativity

The CEO of Elite Dangerous studio Frontier Developments David Braben OBE has said that game makers shouldn't buy in too much to negativity in the industry.

Speaking to publisher Chris Dring at Develop:Brighton, the development vet said that there's always a notion that life was easier and games were more successful a few years ago. In fact, he believes that there's never been a better time to make a game.

For years now there's been the idea of the indiepocalypse; that it's harder for smaller developers to see success due to an increasing volume of games being released. In 2018, this was replaced by the notion of the Steampocalypse, which was rather similar in terms of causes and results. 

"I've heard a lot of indies say they've missed the boat, they should have released their game a few years ago. But it's always been a bit like that, there's always been something a few years ago that was great," he said.

"The world is continually changing. Just because one dimension of it was better a few years ago doesn't mean it was necessarily better overall. Nowadays you've probably got the best chance of getting your game made than ever before."

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