Indie developers can attend PC Connects London for just £96, developer and publisher tickets cost £240

Indie developers can attend PC Connects London for just £96, developer and publisher tickets cost £240

Indie developers can get access to the forthcoming PC Connects London 2019 for just £96.

Newly released tickets for Steel Media's up-and-coming PC games conference are on sale now right here, with indie tickets started at £80 (plus VAT).

Meanwhile, developers and publishers can attend the show for £200 (plus VAT), with non-developer or publisher attendees tickets being available for £400 (plus VAT).

These tickets only grant access to the PC Connects tracks at the show, meaning that you won't be able to swing by the talks at Pocket Gamer Connects London or fellow newcomer Blockchain Gamer Connects London 2019.

But why would you want to go to those when you could be spending your time soaking up the PC goodness we have on-stage for you - and you can attend at a huge discount. 

We are practically spoiling you with the likes of Cyberpunk developer CD Projekt RED, UK games industry pioneer Sir Ian Livingstone CBE, Jagex's new publishing label Partners, Sega studios Sports Interactive and Creative Assembly - of Football Manager and Total War fame respectively - in addition to data firm Newzoo, blockchain-powered PC games storefront Robot Cache, mobile-turned-PC MOBA specialist Super Evil Megacorp and London-based indie games publisher Curve Digital at the show.

There are still more big-name speakers yet to come so keep your eyes peeled to for more announcements. This is the second year that PC Connects has set up shop in London and this time around we are taking no prisoners.

In 2019, the PC games market is set to change forever as new technology and companies challenge the established order of things. The PC Revolution is underway and you should kick off the year by getting up to speed with the trends that you need to know about to weather these shifts.

Tickets for just PC Connects London 2019 are available right here, with tickets for the entire show on sale here at a Mid-Term discount rate - buy now to save big. 

More info about the event can be found right here

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