Indie developers see massive reduction in Steam traffic

Indie developers see massive reduction in Steam traffic

Steam indie developers have seen a huge loss in traffic in the last few months.

The issue was first raised on Twitter by Shadowhand developer Jake Birkett, who posted on Twitter (below) saying that since October he had seen reduced traffic to his games on Steam. But it turns out that he is far from the only indie affected, with developers from the Weather Factory, Machine Studios and Minor Key Studios all replying to the original post (below).

It seems this all kicked off with a bug that affected search in early October - which Valve emailed developers about and has been fixed - that has had a knock-on effect on the amount of traffic that smaller projects are receiving.

Dean Hall - of DayZ fame - replied to another tweet on the subject saying that his new project, Stationeers, saw just ten per cent of the traffic it was receiving before from the Steam homepage.

This news comes as Valve makes changes to the way it handles revenue shares on Steam with developers of smaller projects looking likely to lose out compared to their more successful brethren.

We've reached out to Valve for comment. 

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