Microsoft publishes parental advice with the Xbox Family Guide in the run-up to Christmas

Microsoft publishes parental advice with the Xbox Family Guide in the run-up to Christmas

Microsoft is making efforts to ensure parents are prepared when they put an Xbox One under the tree this year.

The software goliath’s holiday marketing campaign is centred on the Xbox Family Guide, which instructs families on everything from setting up the console to Xbox Game Pass.

The pamphlet also gives families an insight on Xbox’s extensive parental controls. But more importantly - for us, a PC biz site - the guide informs parents on more general gaming topics like in-game spending, virtual currencies and paying attention to PEGI ratings - something research points to roughly 50 per cent of parents disregarding

"We know speaking to families at this time of year is important so they're armed with the right information when considering purchasing a console," said Xbox director for UK & Ireland Harvey Eagle, speaking to

"Along with the activity we're doing at retail and online, our new campaign includes a number of family-friendly titles to consider, and will feature across outdoor ads, on-demand and high impact digital and online video live now and continuing throughout December."

As children become increasingly online from a younger age, it’s assuring to see one of the bigger publishers in games pay particular attention to the challenges that presents.

Microsoft will be distributing the Xbox Family Guide at retailers throughout the UK and Ireland, with staff advised to present them to customers with kids who are purchasing or considering the purchase of an Xbox console. The guide will also be available as a PDF on the Family section of the Xbox website.

Eagle added: "We see technology as an advantage for families today. When used wisely, it is a positive force in the classroom, in personal growth, and in helping to spend quality time together.

"However, it's important that children learn how to lead healthy digital lives. Microsoft is committed to empowering everyone to turn screen time into quality time by offering choice and control.

Hopefully, this can lay the groundwork for a more platform-agnostic guide to gaming online for parents and children. It’s dangerous to go alone, and all that.

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