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Layoffs hit Bioshock Remastered studio after project cancellation

Layoffs hit Bioshock Remastered studio after project cancellation

The studio behind the HD remasters of Bioshock and Borderlands has laid off 13 staff following a project cancellation.

Blind Squirrel Games told Gamasutra the redundancies were a result of the “unexpected cancellation of an unannounced project”.

"The studio continues to work on multiple projects,” read a statement from the studio.

“Our hearts go out to those who were laid off, and while we are working with our partners to find them new homes, we are grateful for any additional help others in the industry may provide."

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News of the layoffs was first spread via Twitter by former community manager Josh Mikkelsen. Financial concerns were cited by Mikkelsen as cause for the layoffs.

The hashtag #blindsquirreljobs was started by Mikkelsen in an effort to help redundant staff from the studio find work. A number of studios began using the hashtag as an opportunity to open up news of their own vacancies.

Of note is that Blind Squirrel is currently in the process of hiring lead and director positions across various fields. It’s unlikely that any of these are for positions recently made redundant, and tend to skew more senior.

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