Here's what's going to be at the Codeshop: Design and Development track at PC Connects London 2019

Here's what's going to be at the Codeshop: Design and Development track at PC Connects London 2019

Codeshop: Design and Development is the third track taking place on Monday, January 21st following State of Play and Digital Discovery. 

This series of talks will be looking at games development, replacing the PC Games University track from last year's PC Connects London 2019. 

This track is sponsored by RuneScape firm Jagex. 

Here is what you can expect from the track: 

Understanding Your Level – Mental Mapping
Max Pears, CD Projekt Red

CD Projekt RED level designer Max Pears will be discussing the ways that developers can build levels to achieve certain outcomes.

How Workers Are Treated Will Inform The Future Of The Market
Kevin Agwaze, Game Workers Unite

At the end of 2018, Game Workers Unite became an official union with the backing of gig economy organisation Independent Workers of Great Britain. The game union's Kevin Agwaze will be talking about why workers in this industry need to be unionised and what impact this will have on the market.

Advanced UX Prototyping – Finding The Fun, Minus The Code!
Om Tandon, DIGIT Gaming Studio

How and why to build hi-fidelity near game prototypes to gather qualitative data using a combination of cross-discipline teamwork involving, product, game design, UX, UI and art teams, without any code to validate feature design in pre-production to gather user insights. Benefits of setting up a design sprint to achieve rapid iteration before even writing a single line of code.

Next-Gen Multiplayer Games
Mundi Vondi, Klang Games

The co-founder of Berlin-based Klang Mundi Vondi will be sharing what the next step in multiplayer video games will look like.

Using AI On Football Manager Development
Joshua Crompton, Sports Interactive

Machine learning and AI are buzzwords that pop up a fair amount at the moment, but Sega-owned Sports Interactive has been using this tech when making its Football Manager franchise. Programmer Joshua Crompton will be telling us more.

Taking Game Audio To New Heights
Andy Vaughan, Dolby

Game developers are now able to deliver Dolby Atmos audio in Xbox One and PC games, bringing three-dimensional audio, including height and depth (with headphones), to the gaming experience. In this talk Andy will provide an overview of Dolby Atmos technology, and how the Microsoft Spatial Audio Platform supports Dolby Atmos over HDMI and headphones. This talk will examine the general capabilities of spatial audio and how developers can integrate Dolby Atmos using the Microsoft Spatial Audio Platform or Unity & Unreal plug-ins into existing audio workflows.

Challenges Of Modernising A Classic PC Game, From Sensible Soccer 1992 To Sociable Soccer 2019
Jon Hare, Tower Studios

Maintaining the market relevance of games through design & art. Jon Hare has made hit soccer games in each of the last 4 decades. Here he discusses the necessity to constantly adapt the game content and presentation to resonate with the technology & audience of the time. 

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