Why you need to pay attention to the MENA region: What we learnt at the Jordan Gaming Summit 2018

Why you need to pay attention to the MENA region: What we learnt at the Jordan Gaming Summit 2018

The eighth edition of The Gaming Summit took place last weekend in Amman, Jordan.

Approximately 700 people – developers, students, publishers, business experts and more – gathered to share industry knowledge and discuss the opportunities and challenges of the region.

It was a successful event, showcasing a diverse group of participants, and with the royal seal of approval, it paves the way to a bigger event next year in collaboration with Steel Media and Pocket Gamer.

The Middle East opportunity

In the coverage of the world's biggest markets, from the US to Asia, the potential of the Middle East is sometimes forgotten.

Arabic is the fourth largest spoken language in the world. The MENA territories (the Middle East and North Africa) have a growing and young population, with a huge proportion of those online identifying as gamers.

Some of the biggest spenders in mobile gaming are based in the region. Although it's still a small games market compared to the US and China, it's the fastest growing. Jordan is a very stable country at the heart of the Middle East, with strong friendships in the west, and so provides ideal access to this part of the world.

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